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Written by a glutton for delicious ideas and vintage ephemera, Old Glutton showcases kitschy products, beautiful typography, gross food, playful concepts, quirky videos, design from other eras, tutorials and other resources for designers and foodies.

Jen on Halloween, 1984

About Jen
graphic designer; happily married, loves sushi, blueberries, ice cream headaches and spicy foods; hates mayonnaise and casseroles; homebody; currently working as a packaging designer for Disney Store, graduated from Art Center College of Design with Honors.

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graphic design, food, cooking, ashtanga yoga, toy cameras, photography, blogging, photoblogging, typography, hand lettering, kitschy and vintage ephemera, old books, doodling

Favorite Movies

Lost in Translation, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Amelie, Pi, Pulp Fiction, Best in Show, Office Space, Edward Scissorhands, Being John Malkovich, Mulholland Drive, Napoleon Dynamite, Memento, Rushmore, The Big Lebowski, Fight Club, Grizzly Man

Favorite Music
radiohead, mum, blonde redhead, beatles, johanna kunin, velvet underground, nico, fiona apple, tori amos, bebel gilberto, beck, bjork, goldfrapp, portishead, bonobo, gotan project, godspeed you black emperor, sigur ros, magnetic fields, lots of downtempo, lots of rock, Johnny Cash is the only country I will listen to, rarely rap, much more