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A Bakers Dozen: 13 Links #7

*funny studio photos and commentary. From Boing Boing.

*I laughed my ass off reading this really badly translated menu. From Coudal.
*2007 logo trends.
*chandelier made from tail lights
*more moneygami. From Slashfood.

*Rankin's eyescapes. I wish the photos my optometrist took were that cool
*backpack with expandable shelves

*Anthropologie flatware wallpaper via OhJoy!
*kitchen timer roundup
*photobooth locator
*get human: a directory of numbers for 500 companies and directions to circumvent the automated process
*the slanket Why not just wear a robe?

*I laughed my ass off while reading the 10 most ridiculous inventions ever patented. Enjoy!

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