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Best Tricks and Worst Treats

These are the items that stick out in my memory.

*"fun size" candy bars were no fun and any house that gave out full size candy bars was legendary
*I dreaded the greasy peanut butter taffy in the black or orange wax paper wrapper.
*home cooked brownies/caramel corn/rice crispy treats were a drag. Even as a kid, I appreciated the effort, but my parents would make me throw it out since the ingredients could be questionable. Packaged candy, people!
*The most obscure trick I ever received was a real grasshopper in a cube of rainbow colored jolly rancher like candy.
*I remember saying, "no, thank you" to a man who ran out of candy and tried to give me a can of soup. How rude I was that day.
*One time, when a family ran out of candy, they filled up bags with pennies. This was better than handing out cans of beans.
*I ate the smarties last.

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