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Friday Flickr Favorites: The Macabre

I am not "dark-sided," but in the spirit of Halloween, I thought I should share some macabre photos from flickr.

From left to right:
1. ancestors by panic-embryo.
2. Man Eater by stOOpidgErL. Buy a print of this in stOOpidgErL's etsy shop.
3. Attack by Sayla Marz.
4. Beautiful Decay by 45.Caliber.

5. Day 87: Eating Myself Alive. by Sayla Marz.
6. The Better To Eat You With by sMacshot.
7. Untitled by gabriela.
8. I dreamt i was a mountain by Jon.-.

9. Cellophane ad by China DoII.
10. The Faery Queen's Justice by crowolf.
12. #3 Storytime Sibling Rivalry 1933 by crowolf.
16. Wired by crowolf.

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At 10:02 AM, Anonymous Mike (45.Caliber) said...

Thanks for including my photo in your post! :)


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