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More Lego Paraphernalia

While browsing around this next, I came around some more lego inspired products for the kitchen.

*Lego cake/jelly mold
*Lego lunchbox
*Lego head kitchen timer. Buy it on Amazon
*Lego coasters
*Lego corkscrew

These, along with the ice cube tray I posted about in August, would make a great gift for a lego-lover on your holiday gifting list.

I also saw these "Lego my Eggos" at the grocery store a while back. Clever.

*10/21/07: Lego head kids table and chair. Via swissmiss.
*10/21/07: Lego Cake. Via swissmiss.
*10/21/07: Lego Zombie. Via notcot.
*10/25/07: Lego Corporate Zombies. Via notcot.
*10/28/07: Marc Jacobs Lego accessories.
*11/06/07: Lego salt and pepper shakers

Lego products are popping up all over the place lately.

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