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New Toys

Sorry for the light posting lately. Computer problems are frustrating. So I took the plunge and replaced my g4etto laptop with a brand new Mac Book Pro. Thanks to my new toys, I no longer have to wait for the twirling beach ball when doing simple tasks like checking email and posts in google reader.
Five Year Old Equipment:
*Titanium Powerbook G4
*completely busted hinges
*dimmed/scratched screen
*Adobe CS 1
*OS 10.3
*inability to add CS3
*sporatic Firewire connectivity
*broken dvd player
*broken cd/dvd burner
*USB 1 (didn't work with my new ipod)
*measly 60 GB Hard Drive

The New Stuff:
*Mac Book Pro
*OSX Panther

This is a little off topic, but I am so excited to be out of the stone age and I am happy that I will be able to bring more great stuff to my readers.


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