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2007 Holiday Gift Guide: Part 1

Tomorrow is Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year. If you are looking for black Friday deals, but don't want to wait in a line in a dark parking lot at 4:00 AM, some retailers are hosting Black Friday events online. Amazon is offering hourly deals from 6 am to 6 pm PST along with thousands of products that are only on sale for a limited time. Wrapping is also only $.99 USD per product and they have a $10,000 USD shopping spree to sign up for. Since almost everything is available on Amazon these days, I am excited to cross a few people off my list tomorrow.

Here are some great giftable items to kick start my 2007 Holiday Gift Guide.

Flip and Tumble

If someone on your list is inclined to bring their own bag to the market, consider upgrading their ugly branded nature sac. The 24-7 bag from flip and tumble is an understated, unbranded, not too feminine, compact way to bring your own bag. 4 Colors available, $15 USD each. Some other alternatives to paper or plastic here.

Crumble, Crackle, Burn: Book & DVD

120 royalty-free textures to use in your design work. Available for $23.10 USD from Amazon here.

"Come in" / "Go Away" Mat

Available here for $25 USD and here for £15.00.

Harry and David Royal Riviera Pears

I always thought sending fruit in the mail was lame until I tasted a Harry and David Pear. It is like no other and I look forward to eating one each year. Send a package to some of the families on your list. 12 gigantic pears for $64.95 USD available here.

Baby Foot Print Kit

A modern update to a classic tradition. If somebody on your list is expecting, this baby foot imprint set may be a good choice. $35 USD from MoMA.

Cupcakes! Deck

Delicious photographs, fun typography and cupcake recipes. $14.95 USD on Amazon.

Stay tuned! A few more installments of the 2007 Holiday Gift Guide are on its way. In the meantime, peruse my archives for other giftable items here.

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