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I really doubt T-Mobile is going to get away with this, but they are trying to own the color magenta—at least in the tele-communications sector. They have already trademarked the color, sued Dutch company Compello, and are urging Slam FM and 100% NL to quit using magenta. There is an article about this, an interesting stream of comments on Colourlovers, and a petition to reclaim the pink hue.

I am not an expert, but I think trademarking "magenta" is too broad and wouldn't hold up in court. I have heard of other companies, such as Tiffany and Company, reserving specially formulated Pantone colors so that no other company can use that spot color. But trademarking one of the members of CMYK? That's not right. Also, are they trademarking tints of magenta? How about 100% magenta mixed with 5% of cyan? Are a few pages of my Pantone book now reserved for T-Mobile? What about brands that were already using magenta? What if T-Mobile expanded their business into other business sectors. Would they own the color magenta for those, too? Can they trademark the hyphen? What if other brands get on the color trademarking bandwagon. Will I have no other colors to work with? Can I trademark the use of a a common typeface, too. I would like to own Minion. That's mine. You can't use it. In fact, I also own black.

So many ridiculous questions.

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