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Behemoth Frankenbird

Move over turducken. There is a newer, bigger frankenbird in town. Anne Petch's gluttonous multi fowl serves 125, requires 8 hours to cook, and contains 48 (that's not a typo) birds from 12 species, including:

*01: Turkey
*02: Goose
*03: Barbary duck
*04: Guinea fowl
*05: Mallard
*06: Poussin
*07: Quail
*08: Partridge
*09: Pigeon squab
*10: Pheasant
*11: Chicken
*12: Aylesbury duck

Who will one-up Anne next year? Holy Cow!

Via Tastespotting.

*02/10/08: Another frankenmeat, the bacon pig, is a pork hot dog encased in ground pork, wrapped it in bacon, and formed into the likeness of a pig.

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At 11:13 AM, Blogger honib1 said...

I just want to know why? I guess because she can??????


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