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Holiday Gift Guide 2007: Part 4: For Photo Enthusiasts

I first learned about digital infared photography in a My Precious article for JPG Magazine. Hoya makes a screw on filter that mimics the effect of infrared photography by blocking visible light and allowing infrared light to show. You can purchase a Hoya 52mm RM-72 Infrared Filter for $35.25 USD through Amazon here. The above photo was taken by Paul Cloutier.

Digital infared photos work best with long exposures with a tripod. For photographers who don't want to lug around a hefty traditional tripod, the Gorillapod is a good choice. It is compact and has legs that wrap around almost anything. It comes in different sizes for small point and shoots and heavy SLR cameras with zoom lenses. From $22.50 USD through Amazon. Joby, the manufacturer, also sells this item sans packaging.

Lomo Diana Camera
This medium format plastic camera is a new addition to the Lomo toy camera assortment. Available for $60 USD on Fred Flare and $50 USD on Amazon.

This vintage camera photo album is available on Amazon for $10 USD
here and on $14 USD on Fred FlareĀ here.

This magnetic photo rope is a fun and informal way to showcase a few photos. 2 for $20 USD from Photojojo.

Another interesting way to regularly switch out your photos is with the wall o photos fromĀ Urban outfitters for $15 USD.

If you need more ideas for photo enthusiasts, Photojojo just posted their holiday gift guide.

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