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Pig Out: Bacon Roundup

2007 is the year of the pig and in lieu of the ubiquitous "best of my blog in 2007" post, here is a long list of bacon inspired products and recipes. The bacon scented bacon print tuxedo is my favorite. If it weren't $100, it would make a great gag gift or white elephant gift.

*bacon flavored toothpicks
*funky fresh bacon air freshener
*sticky pig candy stripes (recipe)
*bacon in a can (recipe)
*bacon and eggs cufflinks
*bacon chocolate
*bacon salt: everything should taste like bacon
*homemade fresh bacon
*bacon martini
*bacon booze
*bacon flavored vodka (Recipe)
*bacon peanut brittle
*bacon wrapped turkey
*bacon wallet
*bacon bandages and bacon and egg bandages
*strawberry flavored gummy bacon candy
*bacon gift wrap
*bacon of the month club
*lollyphile: bacon lollipops
*how to cook crispy bacon (recipe)
*White Art in the Meat Food Business. A Practical Handbook for Butcher, Pork Stores, Restaurants, Hotels and Delicatessens on How to Make Lasting and Transferable White Art Decorations out of Bacon Fat Back for Window Displays, Ornaments on Meat Food Cold Buffets and for Exhibits and Advertising Purposes (book, 1944)
*candied bacon ice cream (recipe)
*Heston Blumenthal's Infamous Bacon & Egg Ice Cream (video)
*vosges: mo's bacon chocolate bar
*bacon peanut brittle
*bacon scarf
*BLT candles
*bacon salt
*bacon mints
*bacon and egg couples costumes
*bacon soap (recipe)
*smoked bacon spray (part of the flavor spray diet)
*bacon flavored popcorn for dogs
*bacon bagels for dogs
*saint anthony: patron saint of bacon
*bacon chocolate chip cookies (recipe)
*bacon robots: personal bacon making assistants
*mr. bacon vs. monsieur tofu action figures
*bacon floss

*how it's made: bacon

*The Bacon Cookbook: More than 150 Recipes from Around the World for Everyone's Favorite Food
*Seduced by Bacon: Recipes & Lore about America's Favorite Indulgence
Bacon Mantern Candle

Happy New Year! Thanks to all who have read, commented, and subscribed to this blog, and cheers to another year of kitschy products and delicious concepts.

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At 11:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

2008 is the year of the rat. Can't think of any food-related rat stuff except Ratatouille (a great movie, by the way) - here's to more food, regardless! cheers, shiho

At 7:45 AM, Blogger Old Glutton said...

A list of interesting rat links may be a little harder, but I am up for the challenge. Perhaps I will start early this year. Can you believe it? I have still not seen Ratatouille. We worked on all that packaging for it and everything. I just moved it to the top of my queue, so I will be watching it next week sometime. Thanks for reminding me.


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