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Hungarian Sausage and Cream Commercials


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Vote for Your Favorite Food Mascot

The Oxford University Press is asking readers to vote on their favorite fake culinary icon. The article has some interesting background information on a few of the most well known food mascots.

There is also a great little coffee table book called Meet Mr. Product with an array of product mascots—some well-known, others less so. Many of them are food mascots.

*update: Fanpop lists their top 10 creepiest fast food mascots. That Burger King dude is pretty creepy. He reminds me of one of the puppets in Mr. Rogers neighborhood.

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Snappy Mackeral Casserole, Etc.

This series of Weight Watchers Recipe Cards from the 1960s made me laugh out loud. The author does a great job at illustrating how absurd these photos and recipes are. I love this period of cookbook photography with the garish colors, quirky choice of words and hilarious choices of props. I cannot imagine somebody showing up to a potluck these days with "Frankfurter Spectacular" or "Mackerelly." I wonder if anyone ever actually made these recipes and thought they were good.

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