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Look Around You: Casserole (Britain's favorite fast food)

They were being funny, but the KFC Bowl is basically a fast food casserole. Nasty stuff.

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For the Office

I am filling my workspace wishlist with these items:
*delete key eraser
*diskette pencil cup
*plan B pencil cup
*flip-style clock screensaver
*helvetica coffee mug

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Lego Ice Cube Tray

I am buying one of these for somebody for Christmas.

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Cheesy 80s Fast Food Videos

*Wendy's Training Video with 80s Rap

This is so cheesy, especially when the hamburger patties start singing.

*Mc Donald's Ad

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Pantone Coffee Mugs

I want one (or two) of these so badly for my desk at work. Unfortunately, they are sold out, unavailable for U.S. customers, and it looks like you have to buy them in sets of 10.

*01/20/08: There are now quite a few sites that offer the Pantone cups individually, many of which are different colors than shown above. The sites are all UK based, but some of them ship internationally. They are marked up in price, but that's ok with me, since I didn't need an assortment of 10 different colors. From drop 365, bloomsbury, blackwell, and tate.


Sketchbook A.D.D.

I admire Paula Scher for filling a moleskine book with a single theme. I wish I had a chronological collection of notebooks, but I have sketch book a.d.d. Because the creative process is not linear, I am scatter brained when it comes to where I write my ideas.

I think I will try these linkable sketchbooks.


some links to keep you entertained

*ten things to make you want to puke
*rude food
*DIY notebook cover



Repurposed Goods

I am a sucker for refashioned objects because the designer thought of an object in a new way. There are some pretty cool repurposed goods and ideas at Superuse, a community where users can upload and vote on inventive ideas to recycle.

Some items to check out at Superuse:
*waffle iron
*bagel tupperware
*junk mail pins
*zero waste edible food containers
*pull tab bag
*door bookcase

I want the waffle iron for my future design firm.

Link via Poppy Talk.

You can read about more impressive reclaimed projects with detailed instructions in the Readymade book.

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Bacon Scarf

I wouldn't wear an illustration of bacon around my neck, but this might make a cool dishtowel. I like the packaging, anyway.

Link via A Full Belly.

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On a Stick

An impressive assortment of foods on a stick at the Minnesota State Fair. Deep fried milky way bar? "Scotch eggs—hard boiled egg wrapped in pork sausage, rolled in breadcrumbs and cooked to perfection on a stick?" Yikes! I never knew that there were so many kinds of food on a stick.

Link via Slashfood.

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Letterpress Listings

One of my favorite bloggers, Grace, of design sponge is compiling a list of letterpress shops, organized by location. This is such a great resource for graphic designers. I know I will be using it for years to come. Thank you, Grace. Check it out here.

Above is the work of SF based studio: Charming Gardner

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Hand Job

I know it is early, but I am starting my Christmas wishlist with this book by Mike Perry. Hand Job is an impressive collection of typographic doodles. Check out some of Mike Perry's other work here.

Buy the book from Amazon:
Hand Job: A Catalog of Type

*02.26.09: Check out the entire book here.

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Bring Your Own (Designer) Bag

Since San Francisco banned polyethylene plastic bags in grocery stores, I have been noticing beautifully designed shopping gear sprouting all over the place. Thanks to companies such as Envirosax, B. HappyBags, and Carry a Bag, the eco-conscious shopper no longer needs to carry a drab Whole Foods branded nature sac into Trader Joe's.

Envirosax offers sets of five stylistically bold and durable grocery bags that fit into a convenient compact storage pouch.

Carry a Bag makes reversible, one-of-a-kind bags with bold statements screen-printed onto repurposed table cloths or curtain fabric.

These green alternatives to paper or plastic are also more comfortable on the hands of an apartment dweller like myself who frequently lugs groceries up a flight of stairs.

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