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Dinner in a Bottle: Meatwater

The Dieline posted Meatwater packaging this morning. Strange idea. Almost seems a joke. Reminds me of the Jones Soda nasty flavor Thanksgiving packs.

Meatwater flavors include:
Beef Jerky
Beef Stroganof
Cheese Burger
Chicken Teriyaki
Dirty Hot Dog
Fish'n Chips
Hungarian Gulash
Italian Sausage
Peking Duck
Tandoori Chicken
Texas BBQ
Wiener Schnitzel
Would you try these?



At 11:21 AM, Anonymous Justin (Pusha) said...

I'm sure dogs would go crazy over this! People.... not so sure;)

At 2:44 PM, Blogger Old Glutton said...

You reminded me of a vitamin infused pet water called Aqua Dog Water. It was $2.50 a bottle and came in three meat flavors. I was going to post it, but the company does not have a website anymore. Maybe they went out of business.


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