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How it's Made: Frozen Pizzas and Aluminum Soda Cans

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Friday Flickr Favorites: Road Trip

Today I am driving up the California Coast to relax and take some Holga photography. In the spirit of my adventure, here are some road trip photos.

From left to right:
1. Brave New World by Linda Plaisted (flickr, manymuses.com).
2. Soarele, nu mai vad nimic by Oana Buliga.
3. Bend but do not break by Linda Plaisted (flickr, manymuses.com).
4. Away by Linda Plaisted (flickr, manymuses.com).

5. driving home by quemas.
6. Pastoral by Linda Plaisted (flickr, manymuses.com.
7. Edge of Drive In by Jason Ramsay.
8. Post by Linda Plaisted (flickr, manymuses.com).

9. Over the Moon by Linda Plaisted (flickr, manymuses.com.
10. Mercury by annabelletexter, anntexter.com.
11. saltair drive by a m e l i a.
12. Rosedale Valley by Jason Ramsay.

13. A Little Trip To Heaven by SMacshot (flickr, etsy shop).
14. the field oh the mysterious field by -katarína-. Contact her through flickr for prints.
15. road to fossil point by Shiyavanthi Johnpillai.
16. Kristina in the green hills one by drewdevereaux.

*06/30/08: Here are some photos from my day trip. Stay tuned. More photos will be posted throughout the week.
*06/30/08: Photojojo just published their "Ultimate Guide to Road Trip Photography." We must have been on the save wavelength.
*08/14/08: GOOD maps out history's greatest journeys, from Magellan to Kerouac.

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Whippy Light

Designers Nahoko Koyama and Alex Garnett turned an ordinary ugly compact fluorescent bulb into a playful ice cream cone concept.

Previously on Old Glutton:
*Ice Cream Lamp
*Compact Florescent Light Packaging

Via Treehugger.

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Girl by Karete Roksvåg (flickr).

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Bacon Floss

Bacon floss, a recent addition to my popular bacon roundup. So you can always feel like you have food stuck in between your teeth.

Thanks Uncrate

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Summer Food Fight

Condiment Gun.

Thanks Craplinks

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Cantaloupe Coupe

Mmmm, cantaloupe coupe recipe. Ick.

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Rod Hunting: Dingbat Fonts

Camera Lines and Camera Solid are two dingbat fonts with 26 solid vector illustrations of classic cameras by Rob Hunting.

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Rude Food

Ass Fat Beer Aass Fatol.


Shito Mix

Cream Colon

You can browse through more of the rude food collection (and read the hilarious commentary) here.

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Daniel Edlen: Record Portraits

Daniel Edlen creates portraits of musicians on their original vinyl records. The hand painted originals are framed in a black shiny aluminum LP frame with the sleeve placed behind the painted record. The one-of-a-kind pieces are available directly from Daniel for around $175 USD plus shipping. Many of the pieces have been sold, but Daniel also takes commissions.

Provided that he can find the record for you with (currently) a one month lead time and payment up front, he can easily set up a "Buy it Now" button for you.

Featured above (left to right):
*Jerry Garcia
*Jimi Hendrix
*Miles Davis

You can see videos of his process on his You Tube channel here and his blog here.

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Mosaic by Tom Magliery.

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Happy Foods

This storefront is located at the Eastside Grocery Store, Kansas City, Missouri USA. Photo taken by FotoEdge.

Love that!

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100% Helvetica tiling pattern by The Bad Lab (flickr).

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Ice Cream Lamp

Oversized Ice Cream Lamp brought to you by Fred Flare.

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All I Want to Be

All I want to be is someone who makes new things and thinks about them.
Haiku by John Maeda. Sign/Photo by Public Design Center (flickr). Clifton Burt has this to say about the piece:
...John Maeda wrote that haiku one day back in the spring of 2007. It was just a quick post he made but it really stuck with me. It seemed to pop into my mind a lot. Then, in the spring of 2008, we pulled the remnants of an old arrow sign from a dumpster. A haiku is about the most that could fit on there, so we set out to make that one happen. We were missing quite a few of the letters we needed. A friend told us that a out that a lady in town who sells vintage clothing from a dilapidated old building had boxes of those letters stashed away deep in her den of crazy. We went there to buy them and she was intent on not selling too many G's or N's or M's or I's. She's like that. I talked her into selling us all of the letters we needed...

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Comic Bubble Plates

Conversation starters, available from Moma.

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How it's Made: Bacon and Eggs

I will try not to think about this when I am eating bacon.

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Happy Summer

It is officially summer and I am jonezing for a big vacation. Here are some photos I took a few years ago while in Fiji with my husband. I have got to find a way to take a trip like that again.