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All I Want to Be

All I want to be is someone who makes new things and thinks about them.
Haiku by John Maeda. Sign/Photo by Public Design Center (flickr). Clifton Burt has this to say about the piece:
...John Maeda wrote that haiku one day back in the spring of 2007. It was just a quick post he made but it really stuck with me. It seemed to pop into my mind a lot. Then, in the spring of 2008, we pulled the remnants of an old arrow sign from a dumpster. A haiku is about the most that could fit on there, so we set out to make that one happen. We were missing quite a few of the letters we needed. A friend told us that a out that a lady in town who sells vintage clothing from a dilapidated old building had boxes of those letters stashed away deep in her den of crazy. We went there to buy them and she was intent on not selling too many G's or N's or M's or I's. She's like that. I talked her into selling us all of the letters we needed...

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