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Bone Chillers

Another cool product from Fred and Friends:
Chill your beverages to the bone! Fill and freeze our Bone Chillers
tray and you’ll create an icy array of skulls and crossbones that’ll
have everyone’s timbers shivering. Drink up, me hearties! Clear,
peggable, recyclable display boxes.

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Taking a Break

Won't be posting until the 30th. I just have a lot on my plate right now.


Ephemera Tuesday: Radioactive Suppositories

From Environmental Graffiti:
These radioactive suppositories promised to make ‘weak discouraged men’ literally ‘bubble over with joyous vitality’ and were produced by the Home Products Company of Denver, Colorado. Soluble radium was added to a cocoa butter base in the form of a suppository and was introduced into the rectum in order to stimulate “the weakened organs that needed its vitalizing aid’. They were even shipped in plain packaging for confidentiality.

Nine more radioactive products that people actually used here.

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How it's Made: Hatchery Chickens

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Spoon Rest: Cradle Your Ladle

Another fun product from Fred and Friends:
Stirring a watched pot can be tiring, especially for your spoon.
That’s why we’ve created Spoon Rest, a soft silicone pillow
especially designed to cradle your ladle. The puffy pillow will
save your stovetop and counter from stains and spills. It’s heat-
resistant, stain-resistant, and dishwasher-safe. Clear boxes.

Design: Liz Goulet Dubois

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Nose Shower Gel Dispenser

Ummmm. Okaay.

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Comic Word Plates

Ooo, Mmm, and Yum plates from CB2. Would make a great compliment to the comic bubble plates I posted in July.

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Ephemera Tuesday: Found

I found my Found book in the move, so I headed over to the found website to see what's new. Here are a few funny recent finds:

*Bubblicious + Bubblicious + Pig Feet

*Shopping List

*Share Your Popsicle

If you like these, you would like this book.

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Calf & Half

Another funny product from Fred and Friends.
Generally speaking cows are more comfy in the barn than
at the table, but Calf & Half is a perfect house guest. She’s
always in a good mooooooooood, an you will be too when
you pour from this playful little pitcher. A gentle reminder of
where our cream really comes from. Hand-crafted from
double-walled glass and individually gift boxed.

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Stereolab: Neon Beanbag

Neon Beanbag

Love this Stereolab video.

Thanks Coudal.

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Krab (Imitation, Krab with a K)

I always hear people asking the question, "how do they make fake crab?" So, I looked into it. It is pretty freakin' nasty.

Krab (with a k) is made with Surimi, a tasteless slurry/paste of processed assorted white fish with chemical flavoring and texture additives. Yum!

You can read a little about the process here.

I think this would make a great episode for How It's Made, so I made a suggestion on their site.

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Ephemera Tuesday: Scary Meat Woman

Stepford wife anyone?, 50's meat ad, found by marcoa84 (flickr).

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Patina Plates

These fun plates from Patina would also be cute as pins. The cutie pie one is my favorite.

Featured above, left to right:
*Funky Monkey Plate
*Early Bird Plate
*Top Dog Plate
*Cutie Pie Plate
*Sweet Pea Plate
*Health Nut Plate

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