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Succulent Los Angeles

In lieu of red roses, why not give an arrangement of succulents to your Valentine? Succulents need little care or water and will last longer than cut flowers. If you live in Los Angeles, you can order the beautiful arrangements featured above from Succulent, A Flora Design Firm. In addition to creating gorgeous arrangements, Succulent makes an effort to run an environmentally responsible business. You can read more about it on their website.

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Happy 50th Birthday, Lego!

Google seems to look for any excuse to modify their logo. The Olympics, Luciano Pavarotti's birthday, Sputnik's 50th anniversary. Today Google is rendered in Legos to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the patent approval for the original Lego brick. What next?

Check out some of my previous Lego related posts.

Via Boing Boing.

*01/28/08: It appears that this is not the first time Google has been rendered in Lego bricks.
*02/04/08: the making of a Lego brick



Food Fight, Enhanced

Spring loaded spoons.

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You Suck at Photoshop #4

This is hilarious. My favorite in the series so far.

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How Camera Lenses are Made

I had no idea it was so involved. I love watching things like this. This must be some crazy expensive lens.

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Message Tape

Here is another cool product available for purchase from Suck UK. This dot matrix inspired customized message tape is reminiscent of a message scroll board. Just use the included marker to black out the unwanted dots/segments and create a custom message. What uses can you think of for this tape?

Via NotCot.

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A Bakers Dozen: 13 Links #7

*funny studio photos and commentary. From Boing Boing.

*I laughed my ass off reading this really badly translated menu. From Coudal.
*2007 logo trends.
*chandelier made from tail lights
*more moneygami. From Slashfood.

*Rankin's eyescapes. I wish the photos my optometrist took were that cool
*backpack with expandable shelves

*Anthropologie flatware wallpaper via OhJoy!
*kitchen timer roundup
*photobooth locator
*get human: a directory of numbers for 500 companies and directions to circumvent the automated process
*the slanket Why not just wear a robe?

*I laughed my ass off while reading the 10 most ridiculous inventions ever patented. Enjoy!

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Keep Calm, Ltd.

More prints available at Keep Calm Ltd. They also offer framing in antique porcelain, gold, and black.

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Make Your Own Path (Douglas Wilson)

Darn. I left this one in my reader too long. These limited edition prints from letterpress artist Douglas Wilson read "make your own path," and are printed on an assortment of antique maps, making each one unique. Great idea. 90 prints sold out in 2 days. Good for Douglas, bummer for me/you.

More of Douglas Wilson's work can be viewed here.

Via It's Nice That.

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Rolodex, Updated

This post from at speak up reminded me that I recently tried to purchase a classic wheel rolodex wide enough to tape business cards into. After searching in all the logical places—Office Depot, Target, the Internet, etc.—I finally asked a sales person at Staples and she looked at me like I had two heads and tried to tell me the many benefits of owning a crackberry. She even showed me a business card scanner marketed to older people who are in transition from analog to digital. Maybe I am old fashioned, or maybe it is the print designer in me, but I prefer a physical way of archiving tactile business cards. I set my search aside and a few months later I stumbled upon this lovely rolodex from Pottery Barn. I am strongly thinking about purchasing it, but wondering if I should just get with the times.

*01/17/08: another stylish rolodex by Russell and Hazel.
*01/31/09: The lovely pottery barn rolodex is no more. I opted to scan all the cards in to my digital address book, but I still keep a physical copy in a binder with business card sleeves.

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