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Clever Dentist Advertisement

Advertisement for Dr. John Mullally, D.D.S. Clever, simple. I wonder if this has been done before.

Agency: Cramer-Krasselt
Copywriter: Andrew Gall
Creative Director: Ken Erke / John Carstens
Art Director: Vince Soliven

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Ephemera Compendium #2

Featured above, from left to right:
01. Comic Book Sounds
02. 1950s and 1960s Paperback Mysteries (flickr)
03. Vintage Fruit Crate Labels
04. Pharmaceutical Packaging from '50s, '60s, and 70's (flickr)

05. Vintage Roadside Ephemera (flickr)
06. Typewriter Ribbon Tins
07. Victorian Pot Lids
08. Cassette Tape Graphics

09. Chinese Clip Art from the Cultural Revolution Era (flickr)
10. 1940s Paperback Mysteries (flickr)
11. Kids Records (flickr)
12. French Papercraft Activity Books

13. Linzie Hunter's Vintage Illustration Collection (flickr)
14. Worst Ever Album Cover Designs here and here
15. Trailer Club 70: "Strange films from the seventies and beyond"
16. Chinese Propaganda Posters

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ABC3D: Alphabet Pop-Up Book by Marion Bataille

Marion Bataille designed this fun typographic pop up book, which is due to be published in October of 2008. Preorder on Amazon here.

Thanks Fly.

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*Shitdisco Music Video: Fun with Pop-Ups

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Hang Your Coat, HERE!

Available in ivory, charcoal, and red, HERE!

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Carl Warner: Foodscapes

From the BBC:
Incredibly, everything you see in this image can be found in the kitchen. Photographer Carl Warner has painstakingly captured all kinds of food in a series of still lifes...To give a realistic three-dimensional feel to the photographs, each still life is composed on a table measuring 8ft by 4ft. The foreground is only about 2ft across...Each scene is photographed in separate layers to prevent the food from wilting. "I like the way smaller aspects of nature resembled larger ones," says Carl Warner.

You must see these larger on Carl Warner's website (click on "fotographics" and then the folder "foodscapes"). They are phenomenal.

Thanks Slashfood.

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Linzie Hunter: Supermarket

This is some delicious lettering resembling a crowded supermarket for Revista Collectiva illustrated by Linzie Hunter. It is good to see that she has been so busy.

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*Spam One Liners
*Linzie Hunter Prints Now Available

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Delete Key Fly Swatter

Delete that annoying fly from your existence.

From Neatorama:
This is the END for the nasty bugs. There’s no ESC for flies with this DEL fly swatter. Long but flexible handle ensures proper CTRL. Accept no ALTernative - this is the one for your HOME.


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Toilet Restaurant: Um, No thanks

These are pictures from a restaurant in Taiwan called Modern Toilet. Diners eat food resembling poo (including curry and soft serve chocolate ice cream) from toilet and urinal shaped dishes while sitting on refurbished toilets. Count me out.

Via Apartment Therapy.

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Condiment Packet Gallery

An archive of flexible portion control condiment packets.

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Creepy Hand Soap

Hand soap, literally. It looks like the seller has sold a lot of these. The idea is cute, but disturbing. Hopefully this is not made from the fat of liposuction patients (like in the movie Fight Club).

Via Apartment Therapy.

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How it's Made: Soft Pretzels and Hard Candy

I love the folding arm and the suction robot at the end.

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Douglas Wilson: Less is More

Prints available from Keep Calm.

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Tetris and Alphabet Ice Cube Trays

Reminds me of the Lego ice cube tray I posted about in August. You can read more about the tetris ice cube trays here and purchase the alphabet ice/baking trays here.

Thanks Designboom (tetris) and Swissmiss (alphabet).

Update 07/28/08: More tetris ice cube trays here.

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Death of Chocolate Bunnies

Short film by Lernert Engelberts and Sander Plug. Beautiful.

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