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Bubby's Photobooth Fun

This is a cute concept from flickr photographer Cosentino.

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Sexist Candy

Men's Bitter Chocolate Pocky.

Via The Dieline.


Stan Brakhage: Cellscapes

Image Courtesy of the Estate of Stan Brakhage and Fred Camper.

Above is a series of stills from a film called Mothlight (1963) by Stan Brakhage.

From imdb, Mothlight is:
A "found foliage" film composed of insects, leaves, and other detritus sandwiched between two strips of perforated tape
More about Brakhage's films here. Purchase Mothlight on Amazon.

Thanks Bldg Blog.

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$12,000 Knish: For the Tasteless Über Rich

There is a lot of oneupmanship in the realm of ridiculously expensive food. A while back I posted about the $1000 Grand Opulence Ice Cream Sundae. You would have to pay me $12,000 to eat this next concoction concepted for the tasteless Über rich. It's called a Knish, and it consists of:
Osetra, Sevruga and Beluga caviars, white alba truffles, 24k edible gold leaf, lobster, Kobe tartar, a Kobe burger, a Kobe hot dog, an ostrich egg, two kinds of foie gras - duck and goose, and a moose snout and drizzled with 100 yr old balsamic vinegar and doused with with Louis XIII Cognac and flambéed.
To get your hands on a Knish, you will have to fork out $12,000 cash 48 hours in advance.

At least the expensive sundae probably tastes good.

*04/27/08: Trendhunter reports that the repulsive knish is a fake.

More from the press release:
On serving, the whole is doused liberally with Louis XIII Cognac and flambeed, so the attention of everyone in the restaurant will be drawn to the special person who ordered it. Finally, tableside, an American Apparel model who has eaten nothing but sushi personally prepared by Chef Masa and drank only Chateau Petrus for the previous 24 hours takes a dump on it.

Please note the $12,000 Knish must be ordered and paid for 48 hrs in advance. In cash.

We are sure that the $12,000 Knish will bring NYC douchebag cuisine to new heights of douchebaggery. Until next week, when some douchebaggier restaurant manages to top it.

Thank you,

The Suffolk Kitchen

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Baby Ronald Mc Donald

This kinda Creeps me out. The ad reads "Just opened, near Kimaya Kothrud.
I'm lovin' it."

Agency: Leo Burnett, New Delhi, India
Copywriter: Rondeep Gogoi
Art Director/Illustrator: Sumonto Ghosh

What do you think?

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Dinner in a Bottle: Meatwater

The Dieline posted Meatwater packaging this morning. Strange idea. Almost seems a joke. Reminds me of the Jones Soda nasty flavor Thanksgiving packs.

Meatwater flavors include:
Beef Jerky
Beef Stroganof
Cheese Burger
Chicken Teriyaki
Dirty Hot Dog
Fish'n Chips
Hungarian Gulash
Italian Sausage
Peking Duck
Tandoori Chicken
Texas BBQ
Wiener Schnitzel
Would you try these?


Snap and Dine

From product designer Demelza Hill's website:
Snap and Dine is a single use three-course table setting that integrates disposable cutlery with traditional silverware. The portable lunch setting expands the possibilities of eating outdoors in style whilst reinforcing the correct use of cutlery, which has been lost over time. This is achieved through the decorative qualities and formal setting which both are a visual reference to fine dinning. This product is fun and interactive whilst raising the standards of current eating on the go habits.
Via The Artist and His Model.

*04/27/08: A reader named Molly pointed out that Fred and Friends sells essentially the same product, Snap-a-Party. Not sure which idea came first.

Also, in practice, this idea seems kind of wasteful.

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BBC Ice Cream: Waffle Sneakers

Here are some funky waffle print sneakers from Billionaire Boys Club/Ice Cream. You can try them on while sitting on an ice cream sandwich in their Hong Kong flagship store.

Thanks Trendhunter.


How it's Made: Sandpaper



stOOpidgErL: Collage

From stOOpidgErL:
Kids do the darndest things these days including cannibalizing the ice-cream truck man.

Previously on Old Glutton:
*Delicious jewelry, etc. from stOOpidgErL.

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Atrophied Photo Muscles

I finally uploaded something new to my flickr account. Feeling a little rusty.

*04/23/08: I have received requests to publish this photo in a few publications. Sweet! I guess I shouldn't second guess myself.
*04/24/08: Prints/cards available here.
*09/15/08: This photo has been blogged on the LA Times, L.A. Now blog. Sweet!

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Why Old Glutton?

I get a lot of questions about the name of this blog.

Old Glutton came about in one of my classes at Art Center. It was the name I coined for a hypothetical used cookbook store. The pig with an apple in its mouth was chosen as a gluttonous icon. A year after graduating, I wanted to start a blog at the intersection of food and graphic design and realized the identity was perfect for the content I wanted to feature and the products I eventually wanted to offer. And so here we are.

The above cheese grater is part of the student project. I have one of these in my apartment, printed large (36" wide), in a dark wood antiqued frame. I cannot wait to have a big kitchen someday to put it in. If you like it, you can purchase a print of it here.

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Sandow Birk: Average American (34 donuts, 17 bars of soap, 1 book per year)

I love this oil painting from Los Angeles based artist Sandow Birk.

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Sorry I have been away for so long. My portfolio website should launch soon.

The above Polaroid is from the insanely fabulous Grant Hamilton. Flickr, Sxseventy.



Keep Calm, I Love You!

I'm back! Yay! The portfolio is almost done and I even worked on my design site, which I will update in the coming weeks. I will keep you all posted.

Three more silkscreen prints available from Keep Calm, Ltd. Every Cloud has a Silver Lining, Tea Revives You, and Wake Up and Smell the Coffee.

Previously on Old Glutton:
*Less is More
*Loose Lips Might Sink Ships and Keep Calm and Carry On
*Make Your Own Path and Keep It Simple Stupid

Keep Calm, I love you.

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Getting my Ducks in a Row

I am taking a week off to work on my portfolio. I will be posting again starting Thursday, April 10.

The above photo was taken by the spectacular Mr. E. Cipher. Flickr. Portfolio/Prints.

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Lego-like iPod Speaker

I featured a red Legoesque iPod speaker in my 2007 Holiday Gift Guide. Fred Flare is now offering the speaker in 6 colors. The speaker runs off the energy in your iPod and the sound comes from the plus and minus holes. I am thinking of getting one for my cubicle, but I am wondering how poor the sound is.

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Craig Kanarick: Rock Made: Candy Prints

Check out this eye candy from artist Craig Kanarick. Each delicious candy portrait is a large digital c print mounted behind gallery plexiglass. Sweet! Prices range from $1000.

Featured above:
*Red Candies I, 2004, 20" x 24"
*5 bears, 2006, 36" x 36"
*16 Starbursts, 2006, 24" x 24"

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