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Japanese Whiskey Commercial with Duran Duran

Scary strange.

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Sex and the City: SNL with Christina Aguilera

This is a little off topic, but super funny. Christina Aguilera as SaMANtha from Sex and the City. Impressive.

I am excited to see the movie this evening.



Kung Food

Print available from stoopidgerl on etsy.

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Lego Advertisements

I love these playful and simple advertisements for Lego.

Agency: FCB Johannesburg
Photographer: Gerard Turnely
Director: Brett Morris
Copywriter/Art Director: Lance Vining
Art Director: Charles Foley

Thanks Ad Goodness

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Time Suck

It's been a while. I have become completely addicted to this game, Draw My Thing. It is basically online Pictionary, and it is super addicting for me. If you want to get sucked in, check it out here.

Via Haha.nu.



Let's Ketch Up Card

Available from chewingthecud (Etsy).

Via Oh Joy! and Design Crush.

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Kodak '60's Instamatic Commercial

Take two, take three, take FOUR flash pictures without changing bulbs!

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Frank Chimero: Inspirational Design Posters

I love the sentiment of these inspirational design posters from artist Frank Chimero. (Flickr, Blog: By So and So, Design/Illustration)

Remember! Looking at Design is Not Making Design

Good Design is All About Making Other Designers Feel Like Idiots Because that Idea Wasn't Theirs

Life is Fun if You Want It

Simplicity Requires Courage

I also love this manifesto he has on his portfolio site:
Nothing is a mistake. There's no win and no fail. There's only make.
—Sister Corita Kent

Lately, I think I need to be doing more making. I have tons of ideas that I never finish (for my blog, design, photography, products). Of course, I do make all day at work, but at home I spend a lot of time thinking and looking.

Frank is thinking about making a calendar of these that will be released towards the end of the year. Prints may also be available at that time. Stay tuned! I will keep you posted.

*08/22/08: Frank is now selling prints in his online shop.

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Donuts and Seafood Restaurant

Best restaurant I've never eaten at by notime4jibbajabba (flickr).

Strange combo. Reminds me of a place in my neighborhood called Daily Donuts/China Express. Two storefronts, one bakery/restaurant inside.




For a good laugh, check out the FAIL blog.

Via Craplinks.

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Too Hot Even For the Ice Cream Man

Seen in In The Suburbs Of Adelaide, South Australia (Wooster Collective).

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Taco Flavored Pop Rocks

Pursuade your kids to eat their greens by smothering them in butter-flavored popping novelty crystals. Popr's pop in your mouth much like the classic candy, Pop Rocks.

Popr's are sold in box sets of 8 shakers. Sweet and savory flavors include:
Color Burst
Via Tastespotting and Prissy Cook.

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Molded Pork Loaf

Mmmm, molded pork loaf recipe.

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Paper Plates

I love this paper plate concept by Joshua Gajownik. He is currently looking for a production vendor. Maybe he could license the idea to Fred and Friends. I will keep you posted if I ever see them for sale.

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Crapi Apartments

Crapi apartments by mondolind (flickr).

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Clown Monster Meat

Meat Face by tombland.

80% Pork
20% ???

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Let's Eat: Dinner Party Invites

I like these gocco printed dinner party invites from twoguitars on etsy.

Via Monoscope.

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