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This weekend I could have been working on my portfolio or removing wallpaper, but I got sucked in to this game called tracism (pac man). It feels good to do something totally unproductive, for once.

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Recycling Christmas Cards

Did you know that you can send the fronts of greeting cards to St. Jude's Ranch for Children? The children make and sell cards out of the old ones.

100 St. Jude's Street
P.O.Box 60100
Boulder City, NV 89006

I got the tip from It's Easy Being Green: A Handbook for Earth Friendly Living by Crissy Trask. The book is mostly a checklist of simple ideas for an individual to lead a more green lifestyle. I appreciate that this book is solution-focused rather than problem-focused/overly preachy.

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Etsy Find: Allegrae

This weekend I finished off my Christmas shopping. Here are some cute buttons and magnets from Allegrae I found in my search for stocking stuffers.

Above: Make Grilled Cheese, Not War Magnet and Porky Pleasures Magnet Set.

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Roundup: Laptop Cases and Laptop Sleeves

I tend to hang on to stuff longer than most consumers. I used my last laptop for almost 5 years, so protecting my new investment is important to me.

After a lot of research, I splurged and bought myself a handmade gray felt laptop sleeve (and a matching ipod sleeve) from Hard Graft (formerly Working Class Heroes). The craftsmanship is superb and the sleeve fits perfectly in my messenger bag. I even use it as a protection mat beneath my laptop when in use.

Below are some other laptop sleeves (mostly for apple laptops) I came across in my search for laptop protection.

{above, clockwise from top left: About Attitude Laptop Bags ($30.00 USD, available in 3 colors), Violet May Snakeskin Leather Laptop Bag with Vibrant Satin Lining ($970 USD), Nanda Laptop Cozys in Stella and Persida ($36 USD), Grand Canary Majorca Lap Top Zip Portfolio ($145 USD), Knomo Slim Bag ($49-59 USD, available in 4 colors), Dual Alba Laptop Case ($115.75 USD), Velvet Idole Fortuny (79.00 €)}

{above, clockwise from top left: Plastica 17" (98.00 USD, available in 4 colors), Huzzk Sleeves (£29.95), Malcolm Fontier The Interpreter (215.00 USD, available in 3 colors), Built Cargo Laptop Sleeve ($32.89 USD, available in 3 colors), Fox Messenger Bag ($330.00 USD, available in 2 colors ), Be.ez LEvertigo ($64.99 USD), Malcolm Fontier The Director (250.00 USD, available in 3 colors), AXIO Forza Hardpack ($125 USD, available in 2 colors)}

{above, clockwise from top left: Juicy Couture Laptop Case ($95.00 USD), Brenthaven Eclipse Sleeves (£30), jtote Maeve ($230 USD), Cote et Ciel Le Gant in Saffron and Grape Green (30.00 EUR, lots of colors available), Comfort Station FSC Certified Oak and Eco Leather Laptop Bag (prince unknown), Betsey Johnson Heart-Studded "Betseyville" Laptop Tote ($35 USD, available in 4 colors)}

{above, clockwise from top left: Redmaloo Sleeve with Integrated Mousepad (89,00 EUR, available in 6 colors), Sumo Nylon Corduroy Sleeves ($34.99 USD, available in 4 colors), Recycled Movie Billboard Laptop Messenger Bag ($118 USD, each bag is one-of-a-kind), 25togo 'my document' laptop case at designboom ($42–$52 USD), StuffitBag in Bubble Watermelom ($25 CAD, available in several colors/patterns)
Knomo Toyah in Taupe ($149 USD, available in 4 colors), rPET Voltaic Generator Laptop Charging Solar Bag ($599 USD), Case-Mate The Suit ($84.99 USD, available in 3 colors), Shoreline act2 GreenSmart Laptop Jackets Made from Recycled PET Water Bottles ($34.99 USD), Nanda Lapsac in Stella Magenta ($68 USD)}

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Headed off for a four-day cruise. My husband and I are taking a week off of work. It has been four years since we had a proper vacation—just the two of us. I am so happy.

From a previous trip: Carnival Spirit and Porthole by Yours Truly.

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